See major events in Sam's life below


Sam throughout his life has conquered many bases in the fields of Telecom, Technology, Innovation and Public infrastructure.


1942:     Born in Titilagarh, Orissa

1950:     To Boarding School in Gujarat

1958:     Graduated from School

1962:     B. S. in Physics from MSU

              Met Anjana in Baroda for the first time

1964:     M. S. in Physics from MSU

               Entered U.S.A for the first time

1965:     Started working in telecom

1966:     Married to Anjana 

1967:     Claimed the first patent

1972:     Developed Digital PABX

1974:     Started Wescom Switching

1975:     Patent on the Electronic diary

               Birth of Son, Salil

                Parents visit the US

1978:     Started MTI, Inc.

                Birth of Daughter, Rajal

1980:     Sold Wescom to Rockwell

1981:      Meeting with Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi on telecom

1984:     Launched C-Dot

1986:     Rural exchange developed

               Small PABX developed

1987:     Advisor to the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

              Launched six technology missions

1989:     1st Chairman to Telecom Commission

1990:     Heart Attack/ First Quadruple Bypass

1991:     Rajiv Gandhi Assasinated

1993:     Vice Chairman, Global Advisory Council of ITU

1994:     Return to US

1995:     Launched World-tel

1998:     Started C-Sam, Inc

2000:     Cancer surgery

2004:     National Advisory Council

2005:     National Knowledge Commission Chairman

                  2nd Quad. By Pass

2007:     Son, Salil, marries Arpita

2009:     Adv. to Prime Minister of India on

               Public Information Infrastructure & Innovation

               Chairman National Innovation Council

2011:      Birth of Aria, Grand-daughter



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