Sam's Paintings

"I began experimenting with art in my childhood, finding that it complemented my math and science background. I have always enjoyed geometry, and to me, painting became an extension of this – an exploration of lines, shapes, forms and both symmetry and asymmetry. Because of this, I took to the abstract style of painting, and it offered me the opportunity to see and represent the world in a different and unique way. Soon the mixing of color and the movements of the brush became my break from a hectic schedule. I have now been painting for over 30 years, and in the process, have accumulated a diverse collection. The images here represent some of my earliest works, as well as more recent ones. I have also included a few samples from close to 5,000 sketches I have completed, most while doing business over the telephone. I continue to enjoy painting as both a passion and an outlet for creative work." -Sam Pitroda

Sam painting in the early days...



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