Sam Pitroda: Public Policy Maker  

I always look at research as something where you spend money to create knowledge. Innovation is something where you take knowledge and create wealth.
— Sam Pitroda
A picture of something. Probably Sam. 

A picture of something. Probably Sam. 

Adviser to the Prime Minister in Public Information Infrastructure Innovations 

India's inclusive growth agenda and its global competitiveness in the new knowledge paradigm will increasingly depend on its ability to provide its citizens access to information and quality public services in key areas such as education, health and governance.

To realize this, the country would need a systemic shift towards a comprehensive Public Information Infrastructure and a roadmap for innovation geared towards meeting the challenges of the 21st century. These activities will have a revolutionary impact on governance reform and inclusive growth in the country. Towards this end, the Office of Adviser to the Prime Minister will undertake the following tasks:


A picture of something else. 

A picture of something else. 

National Knowledge Commission, Chairman  

The National Knowledge Commission is a high-level advisory body to the Prime Min­ister of India, with the objective of transforming India into a knowledge society. In its endeavor to transform the knowledge landscape of the country, the National Knowledge Commission has submitted around 300 recommendations on 27 focus areas during its three and a half year term LUhile the term of the NKC has come to an end, the implementation of NKC's recommendations is currently underway at the Central and State levels

Terms of Reference:

  1. Build excellence in the educational system to meet the knowledge challenges c the 21st century and increase India's competitive advantage in fields of knowledge. 
  2. Promote creation of knowledge in Science B Technology laboratories.
  3. Improve the management of institutions engaged in intellectual property rights.
  4. Promote knowledge applications in agriculture and industry
  5. Promote the use of knowledge capabilities in making government an effective, transparent and accountable service provider to the citizen and promote widespread sharing of knowledge to maximize public benefit.


Sam Pitroda. 


India's foreign and domestic telecommunications policies. Through focus on indigenous technology in tele­com he laid the foundation for the telecommunication revolution in India.