Action India Foundation

Action India Foundation's vision is to develop leadership to create and implement an agenda for a new India in the 21st century

Global Knowledge Initiative

GKI builds global knowledge partnerships between individuals and institutions of higher education and research. We help partners access the global knowledge, technology, and human resources needed to sustain growth and achieve prosperity for all.

People for Global Transformation

People for Global Transformation acts as a high-level non-government platform to discuss crucial global issues and inform the work of decision-makers with innovative policy recommendations

Action For India

Action For India’s mission is to help social innovators in India overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid.  AFI connects social innovators with impact investors, mentors, technology resources, government contacts and local partners.

ITDHST Main building

The Institute of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (ITD-HST) is an innovative University focused on the modernization of India's healthcare in the 21st century by bridging, in an epistemologically informed way, the traditional health science and practices of India, with Western sciences and technology.

India Food Banking Network

India Food Banking Network creates a network of Food Banks in India to systematically capture and distribute food to empower and support the food security mission in India.