Conversations with Sam Pitroda

A video series by Sam Pitroda to change the conversation among today's youth

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1) Introduction to Conversations with Sam Pitroda – “The purpose of these conversations is for you to start a conversation.” In this unique initiative that promises to be a journey of self-discovery and introspection for young people, Sam Pitroda talks about the issues that cross our minds everyday. Skillfully weaving his experiences around his insights, he talks about why young people shouldn’t listen to their teachers and elders, contrary conventional wisdom. This series titled ‘India at Crossroads’ is rightly synonymous with the stage of life that young people are in – the crossroads. The beauty of these talks lie in the perspective of the viewer – for some they may be guides, for others, a question on what they have done until now and for others simply reflections. So tune in for an epiphany! #youthistheword #atthecrossroads

Or choose from the selection below. Topics include:

2) The Future - “I wish I was 30 years younger” – Combining vision with foresight, Sam Pitroda talks about why he thinks innovation is a way of life and why we are at a much better position today than in any point in global history. He is positive, hopeful and upbeat about a future where power shifts, Intelligence, global leaders and IT will be the buzzwords.  #futureisnow #revolutionizinglives #thewebishere

3) Technology  - “Technology is driving everything we do” – In this detailed conversation, Sam Pitroda talks about why Technology is the greatest social leveler after death and why the US has an upper hand in technology. He mentions about the key drivers of technology namely affordability, scalability and sustainability while distinguishing between the use and abuse of technology as a tool. #socialtransformation #toolofrevolution

4) Education - "Education is at the core of everything we do” - Personalizing education, Sam Pitroda reminisces about how it helped him redefine and empower himself.  He touches upon topics at once significant and relevant for educationists and students alike such as exams, knowledge creation, multiple careers and vocational training while questioning why our society concentrates on the quality of products more than the quality of human beings. #Educationischange #Beyondbooks

5) Innovation - “If you are afraid to fail, you can’t innovate” – Drawing from his extensive experience in the field of innovation, Sam Pitroda lays out his understanding of the concept of Innovation. He speaks about the need to make the quality of our lives the ultimate goal of innovation and about what is common between a microchip and a tomato! #innovationisplatform #risktakingisatttitude

6) Entrepreneurship - “Answer to the employment challenge is to encourage Entrepreneurship” – Talking about the importance of fostering the right ecosystems to nurture entrepreneurs, Sam Pitroda spells out what makes Silicon Valley different and what our government can do to ensure a healthy investor climate. Risk taking is as important as venture capital and Sam believes that the entrepreneurial seed should be laid in schools and colleges.  #rewards&risks #newagebusiness

7) Employment - “We teach our students how to look for jobs not create them”  - In this episode, Sam breaks away from a conventional outlook on the concepts of pensions, retirements and jobs. He predicts a change in the concept of ‘work’ and ‘office’ while emphasizing on the importance of entrepreneurship as an answer to the problem of unemployment. #Telecommute #skillsgap

8) Economy – “The economy today is in a state of flux” – Talking about the need to create a new model of global finance, Sam Pitroda highlights the transition of the economic system from Barter to Credit Cards. He predicts a change in the concept of money, banking and measuring systems. #localisglobal #internationalmarkets

9) Energy – “Energy and Environment tie in together” – Why is the growing energy demand a pressing concern? Why do we need to focus on Energy Efficiency? Why is there a need to change the distribution system? Sam Pitroda answers these relevant queries and talks about the importance of innovating in the field of energy. #energyarchitecture #energysecurity


10) Health – “People have to take responsibility for their health” – Putting health concepts into perspective, Sam Pitroda talks about what we need to learn from traditional medicine and the social costs of healthcare. He believes that the cost of health models can be greatly reduced by individual efforts and that education, food, meditation and lifestyles are the key players in Health. #healthiswealth #mindbodysoul

11) Nutrition – “We are not able to deliver food at the right time to the right people” – Talking about the importance of food in health issues, Sam Pitroda believes that we have the potential to feed an ever growing population and that the GM food debate has been unnecessarily hijacked. He points out the need to learn from India on the case of nutrition and the role of fashion in food choices. #youarewhatyoueat #basketcase

12) Poverty – “Giving money is not the answer to poverty” – In this talk, Sam Pitroda explores the multidimensional nature of poverty by asking society to define the standards of poverty in overcoming it. He draws from the Chinese Growth story to conclude that the trinity of technology, skills and knowledge can be the answer to the problem of poverty. #nextchallenge #democratizationofinformation


13) Inclusive Growth – “Violence rises out of inequality”  - In this insightful conversation, Sam Pitroda gives answers on why inclusive growth is in the interest of everyone, why cooperatives are a great model and why billionaire-creating growth shouldn’t be our focus. He stresses upon the importance of making BOP groups a part of the developmental dialogue. #growtogether #inclusive&equal

14) Mahatma Gandhi – “The world today needs Gandhi more than ever before” – Sam Pitroda speaks about Gandhi being his deepest inspiration and elucidates upon the relevance of Gandhian values in the present world. He talks about why Gandhi was the greatest communicator and innovator and why he is much beyond the Nobel Prize that was controversially denied to him. #lifeismessage #simplelivinghighthinking  


15) India – “India is full of contrasts!” – Presenting his idea of ‘India’, Sam Pitroda talks about the journey of our nation, touching milestones like telecom, education, agriculture and entrepreneurship. He talks about India’s past glory, her present sorrows the message that lies in the concept of zero – India’s gift to the world. #meltingpot #unityindiversity

16) World – “Technology has made the world borderless” – In this deeply engaging talk, Sam Pitroda urges us to focus on universal issues and look beyond just national interest. He talks about the microcosm within the macrocosm with respect to issues like education, leadership, values and humanitarian issues.  #humanityisone #walktogether

17) Introduction to Professor Leo Burke – “Young people give me great hope!” – In this talk, Sam Pitroda introduces Professor Leo Burke, who will facilitate the series of conversations. Professor Burke talks about his childhood, his expectations from the next decade and some defining moments of his life. He recounts his experiences as a student and reiterates the importance of young people in the world today. #personaljourney #experientiallearning 


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